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Writer, Blogger, Professional Cryer. I write about Personal Growth & Relationships and spend too much time online eating books for breakfast.

There’s a writer inside of me that needs to break free.

“It’s about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.” Stephen King

It all started when Medium decided to pull the plug on P.S I Love You. Well, actually, I think it started before that, the moment I knew I was spending most of my time on the platform submitting to Publications instead of, you know, writing.

As an amateur writer, I thought that getting into the most important Publications was the only way I could (1) get people to follow me; (2) get my articles out there; and (3) earn money.

I couldn’t believe…

And it’s not what you think.

If you’re dedicated to becoming an author, nothing I can say here will stop you. But if you’re not, nothing I can say will make you one.Chuck Palahniuk

At age nine, I was told to write an essay about my summer, as a first assignment after the three-month vacations away from school.

But at nine years old, either nothing exciting really happens or everything feels like a magical adventure and as far as Italian holidays go, in my life nothing worth writing about really happened — there wasn’t a Timothèe Chalamet to romanticise my bike rides or those…

A starter kit for single people

I was hands deep down my business when the door burst open, revealing a woman in her fifties, fresh out of the shower, hair still wet inside a floral towel and a facial expression that didn’t leave anything to my imagination.

My mother looked at me, my flushed cheeks, legs wide open, hidden underneath thin cotton sheets whilst working my way to an orgasm.

She was pissed off. And frankly, so was I.

Quarantine had us living in limbo, not knowing what to expect or when to expect it and for how long. It made us all professional bakers and…

Do you know how hard it is to find a t-shirt that not only covers your belly and hangs loose on your back without hugging those lovely rolls of yours, but that also covers your boobies without making them feel like they’re in prison for being too big?

Freddy Krueger’s victims had better dreams than mine, I can assure you that.

Whenever I needed a nice dress to wear for an occasion I began to sweat because it meant that I had to physically go to a store, look for something they didn’t have, finally convince my mom to ask…

A single woman is the ultimate must-have at a dinner party.

Friends. Oh, how we love them. Their ability to be there whenever we need them, the inside jokes that have way more sense when you could actually see their eyebrows going up and down, in that “you know what I mean” sort of way. Their chats with our parents that, no matter how long they haven’t seen them, they know, they’re doing much better than you are (especially if they happen to be married and expecting their first baby).

The “one more drink, c’mon, it won’t hurt you” and then it obviously does but you don’t care because you spent…

The rise of porn literature.

First and foremost, nope, that subtitle got me all wrong. It’s a story for greedy girls, about greedy girls and it has nothing to do with love.

Insatiable follows Violet, an unhappy millennial that spends her life buying clothes she can’t afford, complaining about how her job doesn’t pay her as she deserves — given the fact that she basically never actually works, I think they’re overpaying her — and daydreaming about fancy candles like somehow they could fill the love-shaped hole she has inside of her.

She is, as you could tell, a mess.

I would love to say…

Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of journals. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t spend that little money I had accumulated as a teen to splurge in cute stationery — or beg my mom to buy me that notebook with a soft cover and a padlock — a padlock! — that would inevitably end up into the bottom drawer, unfinished.

I would write on it the first week, feeling cool and pretending to have all these secrets nobody had to know when in reality, it was all about keeping score on the hottest boys at school.

For someone who grew…

Because we all need a bit of hope.

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes with surviving another year on Earth, especially if said year has been one for the annals.

2O20 has been such a tough year for everyone and it’s really hard to think of it as a moment in time that could give some lessons other than “wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home.”

We stopped taking “normal” things for granted, like a hug from a friend or a nice walk around the neighbourhood. Weekly trips to the supermarkets became a war zone and what was considered a random act of kindness, like…

This is the most beautiful time of the year. The streets are buzzing with festive cheer only given by the glisten of twinkle lights, Starbucks has brought out the famous Christmas cups and Michael Bublè has finally come back on the radio.

But for a Millennial like me, there’s something else to be excited for, if you could believe that. Life online is measured by how many likes your new post had reached and how many more celebrity pregnancies are announced and in between all that, the start of an even more exciting time: Vlogmas.

If you’re from the older…

We can all agree with the fact that 2020 was a shit show. People lost their jobs, some lost even more than that, hanging on those fine threads of something that was left.

Hope was a huge word to throw around first thing in the morning, with an eye roll and a cuss word to complete the makeshift package of a deeply depressing year.

When the first wave of infection hit, most of us didn’t believe it was going to be this huge, worldwide plague that would affect millions of people. …

Marilù Iacona

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