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Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of journals. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t spend that little money I had accumulated as a teen to splurge in cute stationery — or beg my mom to buy me that notebook with a soft cover and a padlock — a padlock! — that would inevitably end up into the bottom drawer, unfinished.

I would write on it the first week, feeling cool and pretending to have all these secrets nobody had to know when in reality, it was all about keeping score on the hottest boys at school.

For someone who grew…

Because we all need a bit of hope.

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There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes with surviving another year on Earth, especially if said year has been one for the annals.

2O20 has been such a tough year for everyone and it’s really hard to think of it as a moment in time that could give some lessons other than “wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home.”

We stopped taking “normal” things for granted, like a hug from a friend or a nice walk around the neighbourhood. Weekly trips to the supermarkets became a war zone and what was considered a random act of kindness, like…

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This is the most beautiful time of the year. The streets are buzzing with festive cheer only given by the glisten of twinkle lights, Starbucks has brought out the famous Christmas cups and Michael Bublè has finally come back on the radio.

But for a Millennial like me, there’s something else to be excited for, if you could believe that. Life online is measured by how many likes your new post had reached and how many more celebrity pregnancies are announced and in between all that, the start of an even more exciting time: Vlogmas.

If you’re from the older…

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We can all agree with the fact that 2020 was a shit show. People lost their jobs, some lost even more than that, hanging on those fine threads of something that was left.

Hope was a huge word to throw around first thing in the morning, with an eye roll and a cuss word to complete the makeshift package of a deeply depressing year.

When the first wave of infection hit, most of us didn’t believe it was going to be this huge, worldwide plague that would affect millions of people. …

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Here at Party for One, we usually accept all forms of writing: from essays to poetry to fiction, as long as it’s, on whatever level or form, about being single.

How to send us your work: if you’re already a writer then you know the drill! Once your draft is ready, click on the three little dots in the corner and select our Publication.

If you’re a new writer, all you have to do is send us a link to your draft at with an introduction to your article, your Medium username and some links to previously published work.

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Are you struggling to be alone or are you enjoying every minute of it?

Are you tired of always being asked why you’re still single?

Well, I think you’ll find your place here.

Hi. Welcome home.

We don’t believe in labels or gender, we only believe in people and their stories. Mostly, stories about being single.

Whether you hate it or you secretly love it — because you don’t want to give your mom a heart attack — we want to hear from you!

What we’re looking for is honesty and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Oh, and good grammar.

What Kinds of Articles Are We Looking For?

Good question!

Pitch the kind of articles you want to read — or the…

Shouldn’t I have it all together by now?

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I bought my ticket and picked up the phone “Happy birthday, you’re alone…” — Joshua Speers

As I dive into my second piece of home-made strawberry cake all by myself while rolling my eyes at yet another Facebook message from someone I don’t even know, I can’t help but notice the empty seats on the sofa — and those inside my heart.

At 28 you would think a girl — no, a woman! — should have it all together: the boyfriend (or the husband) the career, the babies. And yet, here we are, another year older, another sprint around the…

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“Why is it kids don’t tell their parents anything, ever… Is it shame? Or fear? Are you afraid we’ll understand?” — 13 Reasons Why

As another — and finally, last! — season of 13 Reasons Why comes to an end and we take a few days off to get the heaviness off our chest, we start to think about what the show left us, the lessons, the ugly and the pretty, the heavy, the sad.

I remember when I started the first season with a light heart, although knowing the show was going to be a serious one, I stayed…

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If you’ve been writing for a while — or if you have just started but really trying to make it into the minefield that is the publishing world — then you know how hard it actually is to get your work out there.

You want to be taken seriously but to do that, you need a portfolio and that often means writing for free. Now, I know a lot of writers say that if you really wanna make it into this world, then you don’t have to think about the money. …

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I looked into her eyes / Tried to make her mine / But then she said / I’m really not that into guys. — 1980’s Horror Film, Wallows

Of all the reasons why I hate dating apps, the not knowing who you’re actually talking to is my number one. Yeah, he might look handsome and might also sound cool and dandy but I’ve watched too many Catfish episodes to know better.

But I also can’t seem to shut up that voice in my brain that tells me: “if you don’t try the fish, you don’t know if you like it…

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Writer, Blogger, Professional Cryer. I write about Personal Growth & Relationships and spend too much time online eating books for breakfast.

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